Food Production

Basic Model

  1. Android app for data entry or web browser form setup or combination of both.
  2. A secure, web site per each location for infrastructure, review and reports for all data input. Different security access levels for employees, managers, Admin. Includes Equipment Preventive Maintenance program and Employee Training Record files.
  3. Database setup with proprietary software for assessment of data. 5 years data storage.
  4. 24/7 Telephone and Email Technical Support for the app, the web site and the database.
Basic Pricing Model. $2000.00 for the basic system setup and training. $150 Monthly Service Fee. Includes conversion of 20 current paper forms to digital input format and 4 hours personal Internet training for Admin and Train the Trainer for employees. Video & PowerPoint training always available.

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Custom Solutions

Custom solutions are available for inventory control with automatic ingredient depletion from mixing records, lot tracking of ingredients and finished product, dashboards to display current production vs. scheduled goals, and much more.

WiFi Temperature Sensors

WiFi Temperature Sensor Pricing – Use self quote to estimate the number of sensors needed and the costs for the sensors.

Food Service
One Price. $300.00 per kitchen for School Lunch or Food Service HACCP & Food Safery App. This is an Annual Service Fee or can be paid monthly at $30 per month.

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What you get

S9k HACCP Android app.
S9k HACCP Web Software.

Includes personal Internet Training for Kitchen Managers and Administrative Staff.

Secure Web Site to review all data and see reports. This is an extremely powerful management tool with additional program for Employee Training Records.

Off-site servers with databases that analyze data, present alerts and reports with storage for 3 years.

Telephone Technical Support 24/7 for the S9k HACCP & Food Safety App and S9k HACCP Web Software.

What else is there?

Digital Production Record. Eliminate those sheets of paper. Utilizes Menu Scheduler in the HACCP program. Calculates the quantity of each ingredient by packing size. Manages leftovers.

Preventive Maintenance and Equipment Inventory Program. Schedule maintenance for compressors, ovens, and other equipment.

S9k Temperature Alert System using WiFi Sensors. The sensors are sent to you for installation and a Control Panel is activated on your web site that displays temperatures and alerts. Alerts are sent by email and to cell phones.

Temperature sensors are priced per quantity. Please call for Pricing or request quote on Contact Us page.