Sentry9000 Inc. evolved from FoodHorizon Inc.  FoodHorizon was instrumental in developing solutions for digital data collection for Food Processors. Sentry9000 became the Food Service arm for FoodHorizon in 2003 and was a spin-off company in 2008.
Sentry9000 has customers from coast to coast in the United States as well as in the United Kingdom.
Dr.  Larry Wyatt is president of Sentry9000 Inc. and he has an extensive background in food microbiology, food safety and food quality control. His experience is both in food production and in food service with major food companies.  He has worked extensively with national and international companies on HACCP and food safety.
The Sentry9000 HACCP System was designed as  the first mobile HACCP system for the USDA mandated School HACCP program.  It has expanded from a proprietary hardware system to providing software for a mutiple selection of hardware.  The HACCP Android app puts the power of the mobile Android tablet and smart phone into the arena of food safety, and the S9k HACCP Web Software provides access for all other hardware types.

A Homegrown Company with Global Impact

Sentry9000 is headquartered in College Station, TX.  Home of Texas A&M University and the International HACCP Alliance.
Food Horizon Ltd. is a business partner located in the United Kingdom.  Simon Haines started his business in 2003 and uses the Sentry9000 framework for his Sentinel digital HACCP program.
Certified Quality Assurance (CQA) is a business partner located in southern California and works primarily with the fruit and vegetable industry in the state.
Sentry9000 customers range from single school cafeterias to multi-plant food processors.